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Charlotte, Me!


I rediscovered ceramics back in 2017 after a long break of nearly 30 years and was totally gripped by the magical stuff and I’ve been enthusiastically potting ever since. It still amazes me that a lump of malleable mud can be shaped into all manner of items that can then be used every day and enjoyed for decades to come.

Each piece has to go through quite a transformation to go from raw clay to its final state. First, the clay is thrown on the wheel or slab formed and when leather hard it is trimmed or turned to refine the shape further. Often a foot ring is added at this stage and other embellishments are added. Once totally dry, the pot then goes through its first bisque firing and is then glazed. The pot goes through a second glaze firing of around 1240c to melt the glaze and vitrify the pot. Some of my pots also go through a third firing if I am using gold lustre. This is why pottery is a slow process from start to finish and so much more special than mass-produced pottery.

Reggie, the Studio Helper

I have a deeply practical soul so my items all have an eye towards functionality as well as beauty and should be a pleasure to use and hold every day. I work in stoneware and occasionally porcelain so they are hard wearing and dishwasher, oven and microwave safe.


I feel very fortunate to live in a friendly village in rural west Oxfordshire near Bampton, with plenty of lovely scenery around me which provides me with an endless source of inspiration. in my studio, I am ably assisted by my two helpers; Reggie, the poodle who mostly sleeps on the job and Lola who helpfully alerts me to any visitors at the gate.


I do offer the opportunity for people to experience throwing pots at the wheel and my door is always open to people who want to find out more about what I do and how I do it. I have learnt that the world is a better place if we can be generous with what we learn and know and I’m always happy to share. You can find my details on the contact page. Thank you.

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